Scrabble Tips for Beginners

Scrabble Tips For Beginners

Here are some useful Scrabble Tips For Beginners

How To Win Every Game Of Scrabble
In Scrabble, the highest score wins. So it makes sense that Scrabble beginners who want to win every game should focus on learning the easiest Scrabble words that give the biggest score.

2-Letter Words

Go for 2-letter words
When you play 2-letter words, you can rack up points by playing high value letters like x, q, or z.

Sometimes you can play just 1 letter to make 2 words: 1 word is vertical (up-down) and 1 word is horizontal (left-right).

Play an ‘x’ with a vowel
ax, ex, ox, xi and xu are all legitimate Scrabble words that can help beginners score big.

Play a ‘z’ with a vowel
za and zo are playable Scrabble words.

Play a ‘q’ with a vowel
qi is also a real Scrabble word.

Word Endings

Add word endings
-er, -es, -ed, -ish and -ing are great word endings you can use to pump up your score.

Y, Oh Why?
Another easy word ending you can add is the letter y.

For example:
Add the letter 'y' at the end of 'art' to make the word 'arty'.
Add the letter 'y' at the end of 'bawd' to make the word 'bawdy'.
Add the letter 'y' at the end of 'jump' to make the word 'jumpy'.

Be Careful With Your 'S'
Be careful when you play the 's' tile because there are only 4 of them in the game.

A useful strategy is to play 's' only when you will get at least 10 points.

No Vowels?

4-Letter Words No Vowels
brrr, grrl, pfft and psst are useful Scrabble words when you have no vowels.

Word Beginnings

Add word beginnings
Anti, co, in, mis, re and un can be added to the beginning of words as a useful trick to outscore your Scrabble opponent.

For example:
anticold, antiriot, codrive, copilot, cowrote, indirect, indoor, misstep, mistitle, renew, restore, unable, untrue

Look For The Hook

Play Hooks To Score Big
A hook is a single letter than can change one word into a completely different word.

For example:
Add the letter 'b' in front of 'lush' to make the word 'blush'.
Add the letter 't' and the end of 'come' to make the word 'comet'.
Add the letter 'g' in front of 'host' to make the word 'ghost'.

With Or Without U

Words With Q But No U
Get familiar with the words that have 'q' but no 'u'.

For example:
qi, qat, qaid, qai, qadi, qoph, qanat, tranq, faqir, sheqel, qabala, qindar, qintar, qindarka, mbaqanga, and qwerty

Note: many of these q no u words can be pluralized by adding 's' at the end.

Too Many Vowels?

How To Make Words With Lots of Vowels
You can use a consonant like 'r' to help in case you have a rack full of vowels.

For example:
If you have the letters a,a,e,e,e,i and u just find an open letter r on the board.

aria, area, aerie, eerie, aurei, aura, and urea are words you can make this way. This is better than exchanging letters because you get points!

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